Thursday, April 29, 2010

ROTFALMAO - DocChuck's New Spins And Backpedaling

The_ Ferret hasn’t and won’t back off so much as an inch in keeping the pressure on “DocChuck” with respect to exposing his lies and absurd claims. As a result of this Blog the “Doc”, rather than continue to be confronted by this Blog’s readers and have to try to answer their tough questions and comments and conclusions, simply chose to remove his B.S. educational/schooling segment from his MySpace cover/profile page. He knows that The_Ferret BUSTED him big time.

Now, let’s look at some of the wildly ludicrous claims which remain on that page and deal with them.

About me:

I spend my time divided among our small horse ranch in Arkansas, [No such ranch exists except in the vivid imagination of the “Doc” so The_Ferret has determined that the “small horse ranch is actually a LARGE pile of HORSESHIT] our primary home in San Antonio, Texas, [Pssst, “Doc”, why doesn’t San Antonio Appraisal and Tax Department have NO records of that primary residence on any of its books? Shouldn’t they, “Doc”?? The “Doc” didn’t expect that The_Ferret would do such a detailed investigation but that’s what The_Ferret was commissioned to do so as to discover any/all real property against which lis pendens can be filed so the property can’t suddenly be “dumped”, “sold”, or fraudulently transferred in an attempt to protect it from the claims of the litigation the “Doc” will be facing.] our condo in North Carolina, [“Doc”, where in North Carolina is that condo located, LOL?] our timeshare in the Yucatan (UPDATE: SOLD because of mexican drug gangs), [Come on, “Doc”!! That bit of face saving bullshit won’t fly. The_Ferret was way ahead of you and had already established that no such timeshare existed. “Doc”, did you ever consider a career as a standup comedian?] my wife's clinic in the UK, [Yeah, right! NOT.] and with my wife who is presently on temporary assignment in Maryland.

“DocChuck”, just between you and me and the fence post you are beginning to look more and more like the damned fool folks have been saying you are when they chose to reply to your inane rants and insane ravings. That’s got to be really humiliating after thinking you had your Internet friends standing in such awe of your Herculean accomplishments.

"Doc" have you no shame whatsoever? Have you no self esteem? Have you no dignity? Being just another speck of dust on planet Earth wasn't enough for you so you had to create your fantasy claims? Did you really think you'd never be BUSTED, "Doc"? How sad. How pathetic. How truly pitiful. And worse, you've even claimed that you did 4 years of "government service" so as to attempt to convince others to believe that your gutless self had served in the Viet Nam war? "Doc", you were too damned yellow to do what your brother Douglas Treuter did and go serve to fight for the freedom of others and to protect the interests of the United States...that's really over the top, "Doc", really, really over the top and so Deplorable - with a big capital "D"..

ROTFALMAO!!! To The_Ferret's Blog's readers...stayed tuned... there's more to come.