Monday, April 26, 2010

DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter - Racist, Bigot, or Both?

Is Charles Richard Treuter a racist, a bigot, or both?

The_Ferret knows, all too well, that the answer to the proffered question is a resounding YES! Charles Richard Treuter is both.

But as an investigator, The_Ferret thinks one should come to their own conclusions. To that end, you are invited to read the following emails and an open letter to "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter and his condescending reply (which reveals the anti-semitic side of his vile nature. :

Date: Fri, Oct 9, 2009 4:00 pm

Yes, our 'hounds' say that their file of private investigator's findings pertaining to our case is progressing nicely, bolstered by my notarized copy of Mother Treuter's will that I secured (of course) before leaving Houston, Texas, (because I simply could NOT live around filthy mexicans you understand).

An Open Letter to DocChuck
December 1st, 2009
Posted by Natalie Sztern
Dear DocChuck,
You are right in that you are the last person I want to hear from. However, I want to address you.

Based on all the allegations and suggestions, if correct, you make Rush Limbaugh look like a passive left Liberal. The very fact that you find it necessary to state your ethnicity as Caucasian White speaks volumes.
IF one were to take certain of your comments regarding Females of Asian and African descent at face value and assuming all the allegations that have been lodged against you were true, one could easily come to the conclusion that your “Persona” is that of a bigot and a racist. I am smart enough not to take you or your Persona at face value, I see much deeper.
I choose not to believe the preponderance of who or what you state you are: you list everything that America considers valuable: education, travel, properties abroad, PhD’s, Ivy-league schools, a spouse who is a Medical Practitioner, a medical clinic in the UK, and Professorships both past and Emeritus. One would think that if indeed you are what you say you are, then you would not feel the need to meticulously display it for the world to see. You also list your income- that deserves a chuckle. It is a documented fact that this is one of the psychological traits of abusive men. To elevate themselves in order to feel powerful.
The allegations, if true, that you have taken to harassing people of ‘Asian descent’ is despicable - the allegations, if true, that you have harassed innocent young people trying to make a living, having young and no children, is abhorrent. All the cumulative allegations, if true, of these internet assaults on these young Adults is repulsive. I have spent a lifetime protecting women against people who have done what you are alleged to have done. Any malicious act of a conscious nature is reprehensible and epitomizes everything that is terribly bad about the internet.
The fact that you link to me on MySpace and place my name in comments with yours is completely out of my control and really quite ironic. It is unfortunate that those you are alleged to have harassed don’t have the smarts to figure that out. I do.
The most important statement that you have made through all of these allegations is your silence. You have never stated anywhere to me that you deny any of these allegations. There is no question in my mind, because of this, that you take glee and relish and that is the scariest part of all of this.
I cannot stop you from speaking my name: it is how I announce myself on the web and I made a conscious decision not to disguise myself with nicknames. I stand by that decision and I am proud to be Natalie Sztern.
DocChuck, you can attempt to “friend” me all you want, but know this. As a child of Holocaust Survivors, I cannot tolerate racism and bigotry, verbal or otherwise. I cannot prove that you are so, however, you have chosen not to deny all the allegations against you and that together with your MySpace Profile, there are strong suggestions that this is a distinct possibility. I do not wish to be associated with you.
These girls are not bullying me: they are afraid and fearful and I have seen this so many times before that it actually tires me.
That said, I will not continue to put ammunition out there that induces you to more of these unconscionable acts. I will not attempt to make you feel guilt: that would be futile and useless – so I am closing down Eye’z in a Cookbook because this is what I have decided to do: I will not be party to evil.
Don’t for one moment think I am backing down from them, I and I alone, own this decision. I am taking a stand against you. I fought for the rights of women against abuse for years and I am not stopping now.
What surprises me most is that you have attempted to choose a Jew to be your best internet friend….and by the way, I likely have a mixture of European, African and Asian descent…and I am proud of that.

An Open Letter to Natalie Sztern
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In that you felt the need to “address” me with an "Open Letter" on your blog (, I will break my self-imposed rule and briefly respond to some of your remarks.
 I never attempted nor desired to ‘befriend’ you. YOU responded to my MySpace site and requested that I add you to my 'friend’s list', from which, by the way, I removed you several months ago, after becoming concerned about your emotional stability. Hmmm, her emotional stability?  LOL, what about yours?
 If you choose “ ... not to believe the preponderance of who or what you state you are”, that is your choice. Anyone with a degree of internet proficiency can easily verify my academic credentials, my published dissertations, Hmmm, please cite the link(s), LOL! and anything else they so desire. What you believe is not really important to me.  Hmmm, obviously it's very important to you or otherwise you'd have no need to embellish and outright lie about your claims.  Are you and the BO stench of liberalism related?, LOL!
 Natalie, I did NOT attempt to ‘befriend’ you, I only attempted to ‘inform’ you. For you to think that I am in need of you as an ‘internet friend’ is amusing to me, to say the least. And, your comment that you "... do not wish to be associated with ..." me, I guess I was NOT aware that you were. Such an 'association' certainly would NOT be my first choice.  Hmmm, why then did you request her friendship?  LOL!
 You would have me believe that you are more intelligent than Dr. Sigmund Freud (regarding his studies of females of Asian and African extraction …)? Sorry, I have serious doubts about your formal training in psychology. From what university did you receive your Ph.D. in psychology?  Hmmm, she doesn't claim to have a PhD in psychology, "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter, but you do and I've established that such a claim is unadulterated bullshit.  Are you aware that the University of Texas knows nothing about your claim and that your making it is a prosecutable crime in the State of Texas?  ROTFALMAO!
 FINALLY, your comment, “You have never stated anywhere to me that you deny any of these allegations”. REALLY? Do you honestly think that I feel the need to deny "allegations" (fabricated by a group of female 'recipe bloggers') to you or to anyone else? Surely you cannot be serious. But if you are, then you are unrealistic.

Perhaps you did make the right decision in deciding to avoid the internet (and thereby the world). Some people simply are not emotionally prepared to deal with reality.

Have a good day, Natalie (is that what 'Shalom' means, as you posted on your 'Open Letter to DocChuck' ?). I'm sorry, but I do not understand hebrew.

From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 1:32 pm

Did I ever tell you what REALLY pissed me off about Mother Treuter? It was the day that she and your mexican wife invited themselves to visit MY home. Then YOUR wife sat on MY sofa and started spouting off all of that jesus-hugging, superstitious, uneducated, bullshit religious nonsense.

When I told Mother Treuter that I did NOT care to hear it (after all, I am an EDUCATED person - Mother Treuter paid for my Master’s and my Doctoral degrees), she got REALLY pissed off.

Then there was the time that Mother Treuter brought your mexican wife’s illegitimate kid to MY home (even though Mother Treuter paid for my home there on Twilight Moon Drive – it did NOT give her the right to bring mexicans into my house!).

Did you know that we (Mother Treuter and I) paid CASH for that cute little house (and all the furnishings) I had in Harvest Bend, there in Texas? Somehow, Mother Treuter just made it happen. And I was so pleased to live in that house until I could get away from all the niggers and mexicans (especially the mexicans) polluting the State of Texas.  Hmmm, more than enough said!  How pathetically sad and sick you are, "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter.