Friday, April 30, 2010

Keep It Real DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter

In 2009 DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter posted the rather inane comment/argumentative response at a food blog site:
As one who is composed of LOTS of German blood, I can tell you that wienerschnitzel does NOT have to be veal. In fact, in the old country, veal is (well, actually WAS) a very rare and expensive ingredient.
My paternal grandparents (who escaped from the 1930’s Berlin) used everything from chicken to pork.

BUSTED: DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter why do you insist on your attempts to rewrite history?  Are you hoping that the CEO of OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. will find a place for you in his fraudulent "administration"? Your highly laughable fabrications have all been, without an exception, created in your own imagination and twisted mind.  For you to expect others to buy into your bullshit simply makes no sense whatsoever.

Charles, your paternal grandparents didn’t arrive in the United States from Germany to escape Hitler’s rise and fall. Oscar and Anna Treuter were both born and reared in New Orleans, LA. Oscar served in the United States army in WWI and claimed he was a victim of mustard gas. That World War was prior to Hitler’s regime. Your paternal great grandfather, William (a Lutheran), did immigrate from Germany but when he arrived in the U.S. he married into a mixed family.  And his son, Oscar, married your paternal grandmother, Anna, who was a descendant of the Hoyle families that had migrated to the United States from the British Isles.

Here’s an interesting fact for your edification:
You are not all that Germanic in point of fact. You are a mixture of German, Irish, English (James Gatewood, your maternal grandfather was of English "stock" whereas his wife, Jessie Gatewood was of Irish "stock") and now for the REAL SHOCKER: you also have Jewish blood in your "composition", thanks to your paternal great-grandfather's marriage into that mixed (Irish catholic and Jewish family).  Yo, Charles, are you still breathing?

Keep it real, “doc” and please cut out your bullshit or at least stop trying to feed it to other Internet posters and bloggers.