Tuesday, July 6, 2010

State Of Maryland Nursing Licensing Board Weighs In On "Dr. E" Claim


Posted by Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter's "husband" on July 23, 2010 2:32 PM:

"Actually, DocChuck's [Charles Richard Treuter's] wife [Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter]
is a famous Brain Surgeon who graduated from Johns Hopkins University with honors (the top of her class).

"Dr. E. has performed many delicate cranial operations on
Maryland residents. She in fact, performed an autopsy on Saddam, just hours before his inauspicious burial.

"DocChuck, who holds numerous doctoral degrees from Universities such as "University of Houston - Ed.D.; University of Texas - Ph.D.; and Johns Hopkins University - M.D. 

"DocChuck and Doctor E. are two of the most respected physicians in America at this time. They also own NUMEROUS clinics in the
United Kingdom, including Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain.

"Doctor Elizabeth has been officially recognized by the Queen of England for her work in cranial surgery, skull reconstruction, and neurosurgical procedures."

An astute commentator replied to the post with:

"Doctoral degree? haha! His wife is the only MD I know who uses RN instead of MD after her name. How modest of her to hide her degree like that!"
July 26, 2010 10:14 AM

State Of Maryland Nursing Licensing Board Weighs In On That "Dr. E" Claim
Thanks to the Maryland Board of Nursing's Licensee Verification (which is being sent a detailed list of links and URLs to review PRIOR to reissuing "Dr." Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter's nursing license which comes up for renewal on or about July 28, 2010.  With respect to the question of whether or not she is medical doctor or simply a lowly contract nurse who works in the Maryland prison system we now have the official word about the claims Charles Richard Treuter has made about her.  Look at her listed education and the dates.  In 1997 she and Charles Treuter resided in Arkansas so she was hardly a graduate of the University of Houston as he has claimed.  Also note that there is no mention of her having attended John Hopkins University's Medical School.  Can we all say BUSTED?  Yes, I think we can and I intend for the Maryland Board of Nursing to be informed about just how much so!!

Maryland Board Of Nursing
Licensee Verification

Profession: Nursing – Lic. # R170204
License Type: Registered Nurse
License Status: Active
Last Renewal Date: 7/8/2009
Expiration Date: 7/28/2010

Education: Out of State - Year of Graduation/Completion:5/1/1997


ACLU and PJC Urge Maryland Board to Reject Contract with Company Known for Providing Deficient Medical Care in Prisons

Contact: media@aclu.org

ANNAPOLIS, MD -- Citing Correctional Medical Services' poor record for dispensing medical care to prisoners, the American Civil Liberties Union and Public Justice Center urged Maryland's Board of Public Works to reject a proposed contract with the for-profit company. 

"Correctional Medical Services' history of cutting corners to maintain profits jeopardizes the lives of thousands of incarcerated people across the country," said Elizabeth Alexander, Director of the ACLU's National Prison Project. "Many states have already learned a painful lesson from their dealings with Correctional Medical Services. Marylandmust avoid handing over the care of its prisoners and jail detainees to a company with a disastrous reputation."
Correctional Medical Services (CMS) currently holds contracts in 27 states. In Michigan, where the company provides care to prisoners statewide, CMS has come under heavy scrutiny for its attempts to save money by limiting prisoners' referrals to outside medical specialists. A federal court found that excessive delays in providing prisoners with referrals contributed to three deaths during an 18-month period. Five other prisoners who died during the same time period also experienced significant delays in treatment.

Sally Dworak-Fisher, an attorney with the Public JusticeCenter, was quoted as saying, "In an environment without consistent outside oversight and inspection, the motivations of for-profit companies like CMS becomes dangerous. Cutting corners to preserve profits but risk the health and lives of detainees is inexcusable, and Marylandofficials are responsible when the care is constitutionally inadequate."

Well, dear reader, there you have it.  A company about which both the ACLU and the PJU hold in great disdain and about which the two concerned and powerful organizations asserted as a for-profit business with a disastrous reputation which has caused many states to learn a painful lesson with respect to its "services".  Sounds like a rather dubious company which evidently hires dubious nurses who have no compunction about either making false claims about their so-called qualifications and academic backgrounds or allowing someone else to make fraudulent claims in order to enjoy a form of self-aggrandizement.  Yes, it would certainly seem to be apropos for the Maryland Board of Nursing Licenses to take a closer look at "Dr." Elizabeth Treuter's and "DocChuck's"(Charles Richard Treuter's) fraudulent claims to "fame" which have been widely posted on the World Wide Web/Internet.  It should seem that the Board is obligated to withhold renewing Elizabeth Ann Treuter's license until doing a thorough investigation of what she and her husband have been up to with regards to their Internet trolling, harassment, threats, stalking, libeling others, and outright lying.  Shouldn't the Board be exercising due diligence?
This investigation is going to keep pushing forward in its dealing with  the issues of fraud and lies which have been and still are being spewed by Charles Richard Treuter and/or his wife, Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter.

If you have the stomach for it then Google: Correctional Medical Services, Inc. sued and you find many, many, many exposures of the company and its operations -- some are absolute horror stories.  And to think about the fact that taxpayer money goes to pay this very dubious company and its employees is bad enough but to realize it is a company which would hire and keep in its employment someone who seemingly plays it as loose as does this "Dr." Elizabeth Ann Treuter (just a prison nurse, nothing more)  with the truth with respect to her fraudulent boasts and her criminally convicted husband's antics on the Internet which she obviously seems to condone and participate in is simply incredible.  What a scandal these two fake "doctors" are and how pathetic they both are to be claiming outlandishly farcical educational and work backgrounds.  Sad, very sad.