Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter Lies! Surprised?

Below is a cut and paste portion of DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter's My Space profile page: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck
Within its claims are more lies. Knowing what we do about the "Doc" it's not surprising, is it?

About me:
I am a former professor of Higher Education and an academic at heart. You were not a professor of Higher Education and certainly no academic in fact or within the real world...but in your heart, okay, lol. Chuck, come on and 'fess up, the truth is that your work history is mostly about being fired from one job after another. Most of which were in retail stores requiring no more than a high school diploma, if even that. My Academic Credentials: Assoc., Electrical Engineering; B.S. Ed. - Univ. of Houston; M.Ed. - Univ. of Houston; Ed.D. - Univ. of Houston; Ph.D. (Extension of Ed.D.) - Univ. of Texas. You're talking through that goofy looking hat you were wearing when you posed for your MySpace photo. Such a claim is a sham and a stupid one at that!! Visiting Professor: (1) University of Alaska, (2) College of the Bahamas, (3) Arkansas State University. Sorry, Chuck, that's also pure and unadulterated bullshit. I am now retired, but I still advise (coach) Doctoral students on their dissertations. Chuck, where do you come up with such crap and how do you convince yourself to put it into print for the whole world to read? Sorry, but once again it's bullshit, plain and simple. My wife (a medical professional and corporate executive) Er, hmmmm, Chuck, she is a nurse, period!! and I spend most of our time traveling, investing in real estate, and gourmet cooking Horseshit, Chuck, nothing but horseshit. (we DO NOT eat in restaurants, except when traveling). I spend my time divided among our small horse ranch in Arkansas,our primary home in San Antonio, Texas, our condo in North Carolina, our timeshare in the Yucatan, her clinic in the UK, Chuck, you are one sad pathological liar with an overly active imagination - none of those "places" exist except within your twisted mind! You are nearing the age of 68, time to step back into or at least toward reality and to grow up and/or get a real life. with my wife who is presently on temporary assignment in Maryland.

Who I'd like to meet:
My wonderful wife, TEN years earlier than I did. WONDERFUL? If you say so, Chuck. Did you think she was wonderful in 1994 or thereabouts when she appealed to your now deceased mother to loan her the money needed to divorce your lying ass and hightail it away from you and your ca-ca? Huh? Well, did you, DocChuck? Anyone else I would care to meet is already dead. Interesting and side-splittingly laughable.

Bottom Line, Chuck: You're BUSTED!