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"DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter's Fraudulent Claim To Military Service...

Dated beneath the Blog’s URL and “DocChuck’s"/Charles Richard Treuter’s Blog’s Profile Pictures and titled as “Explanation To One Of My Readers…”, is a wholly fraudulent claim of the pathological liar and sociopath Charles Richard Treuter and a discussion of the claim in light of Federal Law.  It’s already been forwarded to the proper Federal Law-Enforcement Agencies.  Thanks to President George W. Bush for his having signed into law the relevant Federal Act’s amendments.


Charles Richard’s Lie:

“…I was too busy earning my United States Army ranking of ‘Captain’. I was too busy being an American…”

Recently an activist/socialistic federal judge, who needs to be impeached, has stated that it's not unlawful for losers like Charles Richard Treuter to LIE about military service and valor and has attempted to overturn federal laws which forbid:

“Claiming to have served in the United States Armed Forces,  a Reserve Component thereof, or the National Guard; or

Claiming he served in the military during a wartime era, whether or not there was a declared war, or makes ANY misrepresentation of actual military service.”

Even if this sociopathic fraud (DocChuck who in actuality is known as Charles Richard Treuter who was born in Houston, Texas on  May 19, 1942 to Richard Oscar and Nellie Vernon Treuter) cannot be criminally prosecuted for what indeed should be a crime (stolen valor) this investigator can certainly expose him for the pathological liar that he is.  How shameful it is that this coward who ducked military service during the Vietnam War to claim that  “earned” or “rose” to the level of “Captain” in the military, especially during a time when the United States Military was involved in war in order to defend the government of South Viet Nam from the communist regime of North Viet Nam - making his fraudulent claim all the more egregious. 

Charles Richard Treuter has crossed the lines of decency, morality, and the rule of law this latest act of self-aggrandizement, i.e., LIE.

Charles may take comfort in the fact that as of August, 2010 -- A federal appeals court ruled earlier this month that the Stolen Valor Act passed by Congress in 2006 which made it illegal to make a false claim about receiving a military honor or decoration or having served in the military when one didn't is unconstitutional.   However, what should concern him is that 65% of Americans STILL favor a law that criminalizes false claims about military service, military honors, and/or military awards and ranks.  Therefore, he still has reason to worry because it just may be that before he dies his false claims to military service and rank will come back to bite him on his obese ass.

Now, be assured that should "DocChuck" delete that outrageous post claiming he served in the military and rose to the rank of an officer it will do him no good.  A snapshot of the original post was made and has been filed with an online file storage service which has it encrypted so it is ABSOLUTELY safe from the "Doc's" or any of his thug's attempt to remove it from my hard drive or destroy the printed hard copies of it.   It's so easy to be smarter and always a step ahead of Charles Richard Treuter.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter An MD And World Renown Neurologist As Claimed?

"DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter has repeatedly posted that his third "wife" Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter is a medical doctor and refers to her as "Dr. E"/"Dr.Elizabeth"/"Dr. Liz" and insists that she owns clinics throughout the United States and one in the U.K.  He, with her acquiesce, has also boasted on his "DocChuck" MySpace profile that she earns $400,000.00 per year - he quickly removed that boast after one of his brothers informed him that he would be reporting that claimed income to the Internal Revenue Service for its review.  However, before it was removed a snapshot of the MySpace boast was made and saved.  Additionally, both of his brothers have saved and forwarded to interested law enforcement agencies copies of  Charles' boasting about his wife's alleged income in emails to them.  Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter has not, so far as can be determined by a thorough search of the internet, seen fit to deny her "husbands" claim/boasts about her and although she has to know what the boasts consist of she has obviously allowed them to stand.  Elizabeth will likely be named, along with Charles, in a lawsuit wherein they will be sued for defrauding the now deceased Nellie Vernon Treuter out of nearly a quarter of a million dollars in the 1980s while Nellie was suffering from a severe case of dementia.  What scumbags these two pretender "doctors" are and both belong behind prison bars!

It's now appropriate to bust through the "Dr. E."/"Elizabeth Ann Treuter, MD" myth and expose her for who and what she is, by whom she is employed, where she resides, what is her phone number, what are her job duties, and what civil torts and/or criminal activities she has participated in with Charles Treuter.

MYTH #1:
My wife is a graduate of John Hopkins University's Medical School and a world renown neurologist.
BUSTED: John Hopkins University's Medical School outright denies this false and fraudulent (criminally fraudulent) boast/claim, ENOUGH SAID!

MYTH #2:
My wife owns a medical clinic in the U.K.

My wife, Dr. Elizabeth Ann Treuter after whom I named our cruiser/yacht is a medical doctor.
BUSTED: That boast is not only laughable but it's also fraudulent.  Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter is listed as one of numerous instructors approved to teach the medication technician (LOL, TECHNICIAN, NOT DOCTOR, NOT MD) in assisted living in Frederick County, Maryland.  Her precise listing which is located at a=v&

and reads as follows:
#102 [A rented apartment unit - not as claimed by Charles Richard Treuter to be a high-end gated retirement condominium owned and paid for by he and his Mormon "wife"]
Primary Phone: (410) 245-4750
Alternate Phone:
Services Provided:

How side-spittingly funny is that?  She, a "world renown neurologist" lists amongst her provided services BASIC FIRST AID (how to properly wash and then place a bandage upon a paper cut) ROTFALMAO!!!  One must wonder how good of a job she does in changing patient bedpans, LOL.

My wife, Dr. Elizabeth Treuter is a high-paid executive of a nationwide corporation of  medical doctors, including herself.
BUSTED:  Again, so laughable!  Research reveals that Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter is merely a nurse who just happens to be associated with (strictly by employment and holding NO EXECUTIVE POSITION WITH THE CORPORATION) Correctional Medical Service, Inc. ( which states about itself and history:

This business was started in 1983.  Present control succeeded in April, 2003.  100 percent of capital stock is now owned by its parent company Valitas Health Services, Inc. and is its only subsidiary.

The company provides health or allied services, specializing in physical examinations and testing services (to correctional facilities, i.e., prisons!!!). 

How frickin' laughable is the above?  VERY, I should say.  Charles Richard Treuter and his wife pretending to be "doctors" when he is nothing more than a pathological liar and sociopathic Internet troll and she is a nurse who works for a company providing physical exams to prisoners and when she isn't doing that she offers her "services" to Fredrick County, Maryland "assisted living" residents (translation: changing bed pans and diapers of the elderly who are confined to nursing home dumping grounds - WOW! how exciting and earth shaking of a career).

MYTH #4:
My wife is much younger than me.  She's a medical doctor.  She earns $400,000.00 a year.  She travels the world as a much-in-demand world renown neurologist.  She is young, vibrant, and beautiful.

Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter - A Prison Nurse
Photographed By Charles Richard Treuter When
She Was About To Stuff Her Face At A Hotel Restaurant
Dear Reader:

It hasn't taken long to force "DocChuck" to start backpedaling and spinning his claims about his wife, the "world renowned John Hopkins University's Medical School-Medical Doctor".  I'll discuss that in just a bit but first let's take a look at something very interesting.

Seems as though the "Dr.E" (NOT A DOCTOR OF ANY SORT, UNLESS POSSIBLY, LIKE THE BO STENCH OF LIBERALISM'S SUPPOSED GRANDFATHER WHO THE B HO[LE] OF ALL OF LIBERALISMS' BHOLES CLAIMS IN ONE OF HIS BILL AYERS WRITTEN "BOOKS" WAS A TRIBAL WITCHDOCTOR IN KENYA - ROTFALMAO!) went and purchased herself a worthless designation from a worthless but self-aggrandizing "organization" which calls itself "National Commission On Correctional Health Care" and boasts that its voluntary health services accreditation program is well-known and well-respected among the nation’s prisons, jails and juvenile detention facilities (OH, REALLY?  NOT!). Nearly 500 institutions of all shapes and sizes participate in the program, including most of the largest and most innovative in the country (Such claims in the field of law is known as "fluff" and "puffing" used in order to circumvent being called down in a Court of Law for fraudulent claims - it amounts to using spin language to deceive with impunity).

Consider the following non-speak sales pitch of the so-called NCCHC in its attempt to entice lowly RN nurses such as "Dr. E" to purchase some meaningless letters to use behind their names and on their business cards and letterheads and resumes, etc. etc. etc.  What a crock of crap:
"Becoming a Certified Correctional Health Professional is the next step in your professional advancement. It is a step toward increased knowledge, greater professional recognition and identification as a leader in the complex and ever-changing field of correctional healthcare.

The rewards of a career in correctional health care are many: experience with a wide variety of patients, playing an important role in public health and working with other dedicated professionals, to name just a few. But health professionals working in correctional settings also face unique challenges: working within strict security regulations, dealing with crowded facilities, understanding the complex legal and public health considerations of providing care to incarcerated populations and more. Achieving professional certification is the surest way to prove to yourself and to others that you have the tools to meet these challenges."

NOW, as amusing as are the most recent letters the Mormon registered nurse (RN) who works inside prisons now uses behind her name: Elizabeth Ann Treuter, RN, CCHP - it's not really any more ludicrous and laughable than is the fact that "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter, with what must be "Dr.E's" approval (as evidenced by her silence on the issue) has now quickly changed his boast about his wife's academia to, "WELL, actually, her doctorate is a recently earned PhD in nursing (awarded by John Hopkins University)" - HOW FRICKIN' LAUGHABLE!  BUSTED: Even if the "DocChuck's" absurd claim were true it would still be side-spittingly amusing.  Why so?  That's thoroughly answered by the following extensive Wikipedia discussion :

There are several doctorate-level degrees in nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP or DrNP), Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc, DNS or DSN) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing. The Doctor of Nursing (ND) degree has been phased out and most universities have transitioned to the DNP. The PhD and DNS degrees are generally considered research-oriented degrees, whereas the DNP is a practice-oriented or clinical doctorate.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP or DrNP) is an advanced-level practice degree that focuses on the clinical aspects of nursing rather than academic research. The curriculum for the DNP degree generally includes advanced practice, leadership, and application of clinical research. The DNP is intended primarily to prepare registered nurses (RN) to become advance practice nurses. Advanced practice roles in nursing include the nurse (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified nurse midwife  (CNM), or clinical nurse specialist (CNS).  NOTE: NONE OF THE DISCUSSED DESIGNATIONS APPLY TO "DR. E."

Criticism of the DNP

The development of the DNP has spawned much criticism, from nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and other groups. For example, Susan Chase and Rosanne Pruitt, two master's-level advanced practice nurses writing for the Journal of Nursing Education, comprehensively reviewed the DNP movement in the United States in 2006 in order to establish whether the degree is necessary to improve patient outcomes, and whether the degree overly complicates an already established system]. They concluded that the existing master's degree requirement has satisfactorily prepared nurse practitioners to provide a wide variety of services to patients, and that a doctoral level of education should focus not just on clinical training but also on advancing the knowledge of nursing faculty. The adequacy of existing master's-level education is further supported by other articles that show nurse practitioners provide a level of care that is rated similar to that of physicians in comparable level primary care situations.

In the United States, patient confusion between Medical Doctor (MD), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), and Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP) has become another point of contention, especially as nurse practitioners gain greater or complete autonomy.   Although MDs, DOs, and DNPs all nominally hold a doctorate degree by education, in a medical setting the term "doctor" is generally understood by both patients and staff to refer to physicians and dentists only (i.e. DOs, MDs, and DDSs/DMDs).

Doctor of Nursing Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

The Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc, DNS, DSN) is a professional-level research degree in nursing, whereas the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing is considered an academic degree, which prepares candidates for both research and teaching positions. When first introduced in the 1970s, the Doctor of Nursing Science was intended to be the "clinical," or practice, based doctorate. However, the DNSc curriculum was found to be very similar to the research based PhD program. The DNSc requires writing and defending a dissertation or completing a substantial project for graduation. With the introduction of the Doctorate in Nursing Practice as a clinical-oriented degree, some schools of nursing have begun to phase out doctor of Nursing Science programs. The Nursing programs at Yale University and Rush University, for example, which formerly offered the DNSc, have now begun offering only the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Now, for the really Big-Time BUSTING of "Dr.E's" bullshit claim (LIE), or at least, if not her LIE then certainly "DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's:

OOOPS!, LOL - John Hopkins University fails to list the world-renowned "Dr.E" as one of its  PhDs in Nursing Alumni or EVEN one of its Students - damnation, how embarrassing that rather interesting FACT must be to "DocChuck" and "Dr. E."!!!...ROTFALMAO!  Don't you, the reader, know that they have to really hate it when something like that happens and The_Ferret simply doesn't have enough self-constraint so as to refrain from mercilessly EXPOSING it?, LOL!  But hey, The_Ferret isn't here to play nice or overlook bullshit claims.  Nope, The_Ferret is here to BUST myths, frauds, lies, and "DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT and that is what The Ferret has done, is doing, and will continue to do - COUNT ON IT!!!

MARCH 29, 2011 UPDATE:

I receive many emails from readers of this blog with respect to what it is they think about the two frauds, Charles Richard Treuter and Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter.  Some of those who write me obviously either know the two impostors or have had some sort of contact with them in the past, either on the Internet or in person.  The comments they send me are often quite pithy and I appreciate the content of what the writer has to say.  Today I received the following one which was aimed directly at Elizabeth and indirectly at Charles.  It's particularly amusing because it pokes fun at the two and more than hints at the fact that those who have read the two's bullshit postings at their own webblog realize the comments are made by the same individual, Charles Richard Treuter.  His scam of "commenting" to himself has been dealt with and made fun of on other blogs which have exposed the two clownish fakes.  Their phony claims to property ownership, travel, "legal strategies" by which they swear that Charles will somehow force his brothers to give him part of their parent's combined estates from which he was DISINHERITED, their "friends/friendships", and more are genuinely side-splittingly laughable.  The individual who posted the following comment to Charles and Elizabeth and then sent it to me is another astute observer of the two frauds and wrote:

Big E [addressing Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter]- your husband is not a doctor. You are a registered nurse. You are not a world- renowned neurologist. You are not even a world-renowned neurotic.

Say these things daily and feel better about yourself. 

Prepare for your next trip to "Baw Hawbah" on your leased jet where you will then use jetpacks to fly along the New England coast and take photos with an uncanny resemblance to those posted on other websites which you can then sell to the media before you stop at your home in Arizona on your way to Nigeria. Stella will meet you there to pick you up at the airport in her bikini with some frozen grapes and a freezer full of lamb chops and corned beef bought at a discount so that you will have plenty of food.

Then hurry back so that you can cruise through the Straits of Magellan on the "Elizabeth Ann" with all of your new radar equipment. 

Or you can just stay at home and make things up and post them like you usually do. With Mr. Imagination and Mr. Internet, you can go anywhere you like and report on it. Which is what you do best. Enjoy.
March 29, 2011 1:12 PM 

After reading the posted comment and knowing that Charles would delete it so others who, most likely for amusement purposes, I felt I would be remiss if I didn't use it for an update to the ongoing exposé of both of the frauds but herein Elizabeth in particular.  I should also add that Maryland State officials, government offices, and employers doing background checks have visited this site which has resulted in responses ranging from thank yous to asking for more information and evidence of Elizabeth's fraudulent medical-profession claims (whether made by her or by Charles).  It's noteworthy to let my readers know that government agencies which have referred to this site are particularly interested in speaking with those who have personal first-hand knowledge of Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter making reference (either verbally or in writing) to herself as a medical doctor, a Ph.D. of nursing, a John Hopkins University Medical School graduate and using her full name of Elizabeth A(nn) Treuter and not merely "Dr.E" or "Dr.Elizabeth".

Anyone having information or having a snapshot of any web posting where Charles and/or Elizabeth have referenced her as a Dr. Elizabeth A(nn) Treuter/Elizabeth A(nn) Treuter, M.D./Elizabeth A(nn) Treuter, Ph.D. please feel free to contact this investigator and I will see that it reaches the right person or persons in order that action is taken.  Those who have personal knowledge of her or Charles verbally referencing herself as a medical doctor or doctor of nursing, etc. will be asked to submit a notarized affidavit to the proper authorities.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kenneth W. Treuter's Response To One Of His Brother's Insane Rants - June 2, 2010

I read the post below and was so overtaken by disgust and amazement at the hateful ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity that I decided it needed a response.  Now, I should state that I know the sociopathic psychopath who wrote it…by no choice of my own he is related to me.  I suggest the reader think about the size of the font he used and how it reveals his anger, racism, anti-Semiticism and cancerous-like bitterness.  Below is the post, precisely as it was posted:....
.. ..

(The above racist, Anti-Semitic, holocaust denying, Nazi-loving hate-filled "cartoon" was removed by MySpace as highly offensive and representing hate language.  His post has now also been removed.  Either he removed it or MySpace did so.  It doesn't matter because this investigator took a "snapshot" of it before it could be removed or spun.  By the way, the "cartoon" is what acted as the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" which caused Charles Richard Treuter's now deceased mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter, to formally and publicly denounce him as her son and she then immediately disinherited him with regards to her then sizable estate.)
This is NOT a blog.  It is an opinion -- MY opinion.

In MY opinion, it is time to blow 
ISRAEL and the

war-mongering THUGS who run ISRAEL off the 

face of the planet.

How much of these punk's 
bullshit do the people of

the civilized world have to suffer before something

is done about these fucking lunatics?
.. ..
By now most, if not all, the world knows that a Turkish-backed flotilla tried to break Israel and Egypt's naval blockade of Gaza. The blockade had been put in place to prevent weapons from entering the territory.  Aboard the ships were people calling themselves "peace activists." But when members of the Israeli defense forces boarded the ship to stop it from entering port, the pro-Palestinian activists attacked them with chairs, metal poles and knives. Rightfully so, the Israelis forces were authorized to fire their weapons in self-defense only when one soldier was thrown down 30 feet to a lower deck on the ship and another was hit in the head and trampled.

Nine of the pro-Palestinian activists were killed in an ensuing gunfight. But the activists were apparently not deterred.

Organizers of the flotilla mission now say they are sending another ship, the NV Rachel Corrie, to break the Israeli-Egyptian blockade and according to The Toronto Star, it will be carrying another 15 pro- Palestinian activists.  Interestingly, the vessel was named after Rachel Corrie, the anti-Israeli activist who was killed in 2003 by an Israeli tank as she tried to obstruct its path.   At one point in time she was videotaped burning a mock American flag.  So I don't think you have to be a Middle Easta expert to figure out the intentions of the Rachel Corrie vessel and its passengers.

The question which comes to my mind is whether or not the CEO of the fraudulent OBAMANATION OF THE NATION, INC. and his farcical and usurped “administration” of the United State’s executive office will stand by his promise to Israel that he made on his fraudulently farcical campaign trail?  Or will he once again prove himself to be a pathological liar and a racist Muslim who actually hates both America and Israel?

It would seem that any rational mind would clearly understand, appreciate, and agree that Israel has a right to self-defense.  Israel warned the occupants of the offending vessel not to attempt breaking the blockade. Remember now, Israel, despite its blockade has allowed tons upon tons upon tons of humanitarian aid into the Garza strip.  Nonetheless, when Israel acted to protect itself and enforce its blockade it then received worldwide condemnation.  That is, to say the least, wholly illogical.  As illogical as is the dimwitted liberal who spewed his venom in the above cut and pasted MySpace blog post (or whatever it is inasmuch as he states it’s not a blog but simply an expression of his opinion).  His hate certainly casts a pall over his claim to high and mighty “academic achievements” and “great successes” in life.

Personally, I think that there is a significant pro-Palestinian sentiment in Europe, particularly amongst President Sarkozy and others and an anti-Israel stance by some of these countries. I don't know with any high degree of certainty what exactly are their motives, but, most likely, some have to do with economic ties to some of these countries.  Even so, one should be reminded that the so-called Turkish humanitarian relief organization has close ties to radical terrorist organizations.

Egypt has, up to this time, been helping Israel try to restrict the flow of arms and ammunition into Gaza, which is run by Hamas and which is dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel.  Putting oneself in the position of the Israelis if, say, a country on our border were doing the same thing that Hamas is trying to do, not to mention its intermittent shelling of Israel without provocation what would we do?

Think about it: Hamas controls Gaza, Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Hamas is dedicated in their charter to the destruction of Israel.  Therefore, the question is, why did this group purposely provoke the incident when they were told that they could supply humanitarian needs to people, if only they would allow inspections? Why did they do it?  I think the answer is obvious. And it's clearly a matter that they wanted to provoke an international crisis such as they are currently doing while hoping the incident would increase support for the pro-Palestinian cause.  That and possibly an international crisis intended to bring more pressure to bear against Israel.

With all the above said the incident is but another step in a chain of unfortunate events beginning with President Obama's insistence that there be a freeze, as a precondition for peace talks, a freeze on settlements in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not a settlement.  And as disconcerting as is the world’s reaction thus far with regards to the incident I’m even more concerned about the utter lack support from the United States of America for its most important ally in at region of the world, Israel.

Please carefully consider the words of BO (the stench of liberalism’s stinking armpits and other orifices) when he was pretending to be a Christian and a constitutionally qualified candidate for the office of the U.S. presidency – neither of which is true about him.  He spoke the following words on June 4, 2008:

“Our alliance [with Israel] is based on shared interests and shared values. Those who threaten Israel threaten us. Israel has always faced these threats on the frontlines. And I will bring to the White House an unshakable commitment to Israel's security.  Now, let me be clear Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable.”

Well, “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter, left-winged moonbat that you are, the question is, Is the chief B HO(le) of liberalism’s collective buttholes living up to that campaign promise?  The simple and straightforward truth of the matter is that he is not, not by a very long shot.  Instead he’s proven where his hate-America Muslim sentiments are.  And he’s done it more than once.  He did it when he unduly pressured Israel on a settlement freeze which he said would somehow move them closer to the Arab world and show its good faith and peaceful intents.  Well, that backfired, BIG TIME!  He did it another time when he purposely and most rudely kept the prime minister of Israel waiting in the White House while he went up to have dinner with his family and then came back down with his list of demands upon Israel’s government and its citizens.

What a POS this BO stench is!  And true patriot citizens the American Constitutional Republic know it.  And they are dead set and focused like a laser beam on remedying the problem, thank GOD.

For the reader who wants to know more about this so-called "DocChuck" of MySpace and what it is that makes him "tick" (appropriately used inasmuch as he is a potentially dangerous ticking time bomb) then feel free to visit: (cut and paste the URL address onto your browser's address bar and hit enter).