Monday, March 7, 2011

They Call Themselves "Doctors". But Are They? Answer: NOT!

Is it really possible that two obese Internet Trolls, who, for more than five years, have been lying about their statuses in life believed that they would be able to successfully hide from being exposed for what they are and what they are not?  Evidently so, even though their attempts at doing so have resulted in FAILED.

Like all trolls who are challenged by thoughtful, educated, and rational minds belonging to people who can easily detect spewing for what it is and lies for what they are Charles Richard and Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter kept digging a basement under their ridiculous claims to educational excellence, intelligence, career successes, academic achievements, real estate holdings, and more.

When cornered, the two would consistently insist that they are both "doctors", a side-splittingly laughable crock of shit!  

As the true identities became known and revealed to the world of internet readers the trolls became more and more irritated, more condescending, more argumentative, more defensive, and more humiliated.

Charles has repeatedly claimed that he was a professor of higher education...a claim that was BUSTED when it was revealed that the only jobs Charles ever had (except for one he was fired from six weeks after he was hired to work with his wife in an Arkansas state prison) were in retail and he managed to be fired from each and every one of those.  Nonetheless that didn't keep him from claiming he is a "trained psychologist" with a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Texas.  Of course the University has, in writing, denied that Charles Richard Treuter was ever a student or doctoral candidate of the University but that hasn't deterred the DOLT from continuing to insist otherwise.

Elizabeth, a moonbat Mormon who insists that she has seen, held, studied and translated the "golden tablets" which Joseph Smith found in the woods near his childhood home, has a nursing degree from a nursing college but that is it.  And despite Charles' and insane claims about her "career" she has never risen above a bedpan changer who worked as contract labor in several penal institutions (prisons) for a dubious company, Correctional Medical Services, which has been thrown out of several states because of its shady dealings.  She is now unemployed except for a lowly position within a Fairfax County, Maryland nursing home where her specialty is changing bedpans and diapers for the home's aged residents.  A doctor?  Hardly!  She is barely what one would refer to as an RN.

Let's look at one of the troll's heated blog posts dated December 15, 2006 at  (be sure to read the responses that Charles' comment received from other readers of that particular Food Blog.  BTW, Charles and Elizabeth Treuter/The Doc Chucks have been barred from every food blogsite at which they have ever posted/commented)
DocChuck December 15, 2006 at 7:00 am

Rant and rave all you like. You are a sick individual and you need serious counseling.
Your attempts to cast aspersion against me (us) invite one LAST response: I am a (University of Texas) Ph.D., and my wife is a (Johns Hopkins) M.D.
Now, those facts will most likely upset you, your lesbian friend, Jac, and many of your BLOG followers.
So be it.
So be it?  NOT!  Ph.D. and M.D.?  NOT!
In reality what Charles Richard and Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter are amounts to delusional trolls, pathological liars, sociopathic haters, racists, and mean-spirited losers.  Perhaps their childish rants and raves, their fake life-histories and stories, their claims to superiority are nothing more than an attempt to compensate for their being two obese nobodies and ne'er do wells.  Whatever the case is it is a fact that both are mentally deranged and both suffer from an obvious need to serious and long-term therapy (if not institutionalization) in order to address their individual and combined mental illnesses.
By the way, John Hopkins University responded to this investigator's inquiry about Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter's claim to receiving either a Medical Doctor Degree or (as Charles has now seen fit to change to a Ph.D. in nursing) or a Doctorate Of Nursing with a scathing denial wherein the University expressed its disdain for such claims.  Understandable, indeed.
Photos of the two phony "doctors":