Friday, June 25, 2010

"DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter's Fraudulent Claim To Military Service...

Dated beneath the Blog’s URL and “DocChuck’s"/Charles Richard Treuter’s Blog’s Profile Pictures and titled as “Explanation To One Of My Readers…”, is a wholly fraudulent claim of the pathological liar and sociopath Charles Richard Treuter and a discussion of the claim in light of Federal Law.  It’s already been forwarded to the proper Federal Law-Enforcement Agencies.  Thanks to President George W. Bush for his having signed into law the relevant Federal Act’s amendments.


Charles Richard’s Lie:

“…I was too busy earning my United States Army ranking of ‘Captain’. I was too busy being an American…”

Recently an activist/socialistic federal judge, who needs to be impeached, has stated that it's not unlawful for losers like Charles Richard Treuter to LIE about military service and valor and has attempted to overturn federal laws which forbid:

“Claiming to have served in the United States Armed Forces,  a Reserve Component thereof, or the National Guard; or

Claiming he served in the military during a wartime era, whether or not there was a declared war, or makes ANY misrepresentation of actual military service.”

Even if this sociopathic fraud (DocChuck who in actuality is known as Charles Richard Treuter who was born in Houston, Texas on  May 19, 1942 to Richard Oscar and Nellie Vernon Treuter) cannot be criminally prosecuted for what indeed should be a crime (stolen valor) this investigator can certainly expose him for the pathological liar that he is.  How shameful it is that this coward who ducked military service during the Vietnam War to claim that  “earned” or “rose” to the level of “Captain” in the military, especially during a time when the United States Military was involved in war in order to defend the government of South Viet Nam from the communist regime of North Viet Nam - making his fraudulent claim all the more egregious. 

Charles Richard Treuter has crossed the lines of decency, morality, and the rule of law this latest act of self-aggrandizement, i.e., LIE.

Charles may take comfort in the fact that as of August, 2010 -- A federal appeals court ruled earlier this month that the Stolen Valor Act passed by Congress in 2006 which made it illegal to make a false claim about receiving a military honor or decoration or having served in the military when one didn't is unconstitutional.   However, what should concern him is that 65% of Americans STILL favor a law that criminalizes false claims about military service, military honors, and/or military awards and ranks.  Therefore, he still has reason to worry because it just may be that before he dies his false claims to military service and rank will come back to bite him on his obese ass.

Now, be assured that should "DocChuck" delete that outrageous post claiming he served in the military and rose to the rank of an officer it will do him no good.  A snapshot of the original post was made and has been filed with an online file storage service which has it encrypted so it is ABSOLUTELY safe from the "Doc's" or any of his thug's attempt to remove it from my hard drive or destroy the printed hard copies of it.   It's so easy to be smarter and always a step ahead of Charles Richard Treuter.