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A Sad and Miserable First-Born Prodigal Son

After two miserably failed marriages, being fired from one retail store job after another and several serious scrapes with the law "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter decided to make his way from Syracuse, New York to what he thought would be an easy street for him by moving in with his widowed mother, Nellie Vernon (Gatewood) Treuter.  By then his mother was well into her sixties and financially comfortable through her inculcated Gatewood (English and Scottish/Irish) family frugality and the investment advice she had received from her youngest son, Douglas Vernon Treuter, and one of her ex-daughter-in-laws, Barbara Krieg (mother of Charles Richard Treuter's son, Robert Treuter), who had moved on from her divorce from Charles Richard Treuter who she caught in bed with one of his fellow KMart employees, Lilly, (while Charles and Barbara resided in a rented house in Evansville, Indiana) and earned her degree in accounting and done very well for herself.

Charles Richard Treuter, along with his daughter Shannon (born to him and Lillie), moved in with his mother and lamented how he had been the "victim" of one failure in life after another (insisting that each failure was the fault of others and never himself) but was certain that S.S. Kresge Co./KMart was going to be paying him over a million dollars as a result of his having sued the corporation and that he would then be able to get a fresh start in life.  During his residency with his mother he had somehow convinced her of an outright and outlandish lie that he was taking the advice of his attorney and accepting a $250,000.00 out of court settlement (an absolute crock of crap inasmuch as the lawsuit had already been dismissed/thrown out by the circuit judge and the attorney who represented Charles Richard Treuter had completely withdrawn from any further representation of his client adding that he believed his client to be a pathological liar).  Nevertheless, Charles Richard Treuter had persuaded his mother to pay cash, first for a red Chrysler turbo-charged "sports/musle car" for him and then a house in Houston, along with the furnishings he had chosen (he assured her that she would be paid back in full within a matter of two to three months, even though he knew he had no intention of ever paying back a penny of the "loans" - in legal circles such conduct is known as fraud, theft, and elder abuse).  He had also conned her into paying his tuition for attending the University of Houston where he claims he met Elizabeth Ann Jarvis with whom he shacked up with against the protests of her Mormon parents for quite some time prior to their marrying.

Shortly after Charles Richard Treuter's moving into the house he had conned his mother into buying with cash she had confronted him about repaying her the money she had loaned on the understanding it was a short-term loan.  She then learned that Charles Richard Treuter had no settlement money coming to him but being the kind and gracious mother she was, advanced in years and beginning to show serious signs of dementia, Charles Richard Treuter was somehow able, without so much as the slightest compunction, to sell her on the idea that he would in time repay her everything he owed her which by then had amounted to around a quarter of a million dollars.

During his 1980s stay in Houston with his mother there had been some serious issues which she, out of shame and embarrassment, had hidden, for a time, from her other two sons.  Those issues had included her being cursed at and slapped across her face, firstly by Shannon Treuter (Charles Richard Treuter's daughter) then by Charles Richard Treuter himself when Nellie Treuter had complained to Charles about his daughter's conduct.

At one time, Charles Richard Treuter had made a brutally physical assault upon his aged mother wherein he knocked her down onto the concrete driveway at her residence.  He had left her there bleeding while he sped away in the vehicle for which she had "loaned" him the money so he could purchase it with cash.  It wasn't until two days had passed that she had reported the incident to her youngest son, Douglas, who had traveled to Houston and had taken his mother to the hospital for an examination and necessary medical aid.  He had also confronted Charles about the violent incident and shortly thereafter Charles and Elizabeth made a beeline out of Houston and for whatever reasons ended up in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  It was from there that Charles Richard Treuter who quickly began to show his true nature as a psychopath and sociopath began harassing some town officials and a lady who worked for the local newspaper as well as other individuals.  He had also contacted his brother, Kenneth W. Treuter, and made it clear that he was done with his mother and his brother Douglas and anything and everything that had to do with Houston.  He advised Kenneth that should Kenneth have any desire to stay in touch with him and relate to him as his brother that he was to never ever bring up anything to do with their mother or brother.

Little did Charles Richard Treuter realize that his disowning his mother was a bit too late inasmuch as she, with the assistance of a highly respected and accomplished Houston, Texas attorney, had given  Douglas Treuter an enduring power of attorney over all of her financial and medical affairs so he could freely act on her behalf as her "attorney-in-fact".  She had already disowned and disinherited her prodigal-first-born, Charles Richard Treuter, and opened up her handwritten diaries and journals to both her attorney-at-law and to Douglas.  Those diaries and journals had meticulously memorialized the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Charles Richard Treuter and how he had used her and taken advantage of her failing mental state and her small and frail physique.

During the next fourteen years Douglas, Kenneth, and Kenneth's wife cared for Charles' mother while her prodigal son hid from her and his brothers and attempted to leave no tracks after his being run out of Arkansas.  The three sons' mother was eventually moved into a very high-end residence assistance home selling her fifty-year-old Houston residence at 1020 W. 42nd Street and the close and solidified relationship between her and her two younger sons and her middle son's wife continued to grow in loving and caring ways.  Nellie had been very expressive of her appreciation of the love and caring they had and were continuing to show toward her.  Not only had she been expressive but also very demonstrative with the gifts she happily bestowed upon each of them.  She had also refused to speak Charles Richard Treuter's name and when referring to him spoke of him as her dead son who probably was spending eternity in Hell with the devil.  She had insisted that photographs of him be removed from her room at the Villa Asuncion Independent And Assisted Living Center located at 830 E. Princeton Drive, Princeton, Texas 75407 (A.C. 972-734-8838) which had been chosen especially by Nellie Treuter with the thought in mind that she would be residing in close proximity to her son Kenneth and his wife.  Nellie had grown to adore her daughter-in-law and always called for her to assist her in different matters.  Pursuant to Nellie Treuter's request the photographs were removed and then permanently discarded.  Nellie, had developed a very painful case of rheumatoid arthritis which had caused her fingers and knuckles to badly swell so that she could no longer comfortably wear her rings.  She had therefore insisted that Kenneth's wife accept and keep her diamond wedding ring set (the $25,000.00 one Charles referred to in one of his threatening emails to Kenneth and their brother, Douglas) and to wear it and to attempt making certain that it remain in her family for generations to come.

Eventually, Nellie, at the time she was over eighty years old, began to experience a serious deterioration in her physical health and her primary physician made the necessary arrangements to have her placed into the care of a member of the Hospice organization.

When Nellie Vernon Treuter passed from this life (April 9, 2006) into the next, two of her sons, Kenneth and Douglas, were at her side, along with two of her granddaughters and one of her great-granddaughters and the Hospice nurse who had been assigned to her.  Her passing was peaceful and followed by a lovely Christian funeral and burial where Charles Richard Treuter's first wife was in attendance.   Of course, Charles, the miserable excuse for human existence that he had become, had not been present and not until nearly four years after his mother's death did he contact either of his brothers.  But then, suddenly in September, 2009, Charles began to send harassing and threatening emails to his brothers and making insane rants over the telephone demanding that his brothers had better write him a check in the unknown amount of what he referred to as his "share" of their mother's estate.  The moron insisted that his Jewish hounds (the way he referred to his alleged battery of Washington, D.C. attorneys) were going to cause all sorts of hell to break loose against Kenneth and Douglas Treuter.  Kenneth Treuter, being well educated and versed in the law knew that Charles Treuter was doing nothing more than "blowing smoke" and spewing smack because Charles Treuter would be summarily barred from pursuing any such sort of litigation and that his "Jewish hounds" would face being severely sanctioned and fined by a court for their filing a frivolous action on behalf of Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter.  Nonetheless Kenneth and Douglas replied to Charles to BRING IT ON, BRO!!! 


Both Charles and Elizabeth Treuter have been served with constructive and actual notice to cease and desist from contacting Kenneth, Douglas, and Kenneth's wife via email, telephone, U.S. Postal service and/or any other means and to refuse or fail to do so would eventually lead to their suing him for harassment and terroristic threats and stalking.  The aggrieved parties have also cautioned Charles that they are seriously contemplating filing a lawsuit against him for defamation of character.  Additionally, the McKinney, Texas police department, the Dallas, Texas police department, and the Columbia, Maryland police department along with both the Collin County, Texas and Dallas County, Texas District Attorney Offices have received formal complaints filed against Charles Treuter with his criminal history attached to the complaints which further support the pattern and practice and custom he uses to harass, stalk, and terrorize those he perceives to be his enemies or foes.
Stay tuned readers, "Doc Chuck", using his email address of "DocWarbucks" (, in violation of his brothers' cease and desist demands has once again begun his rampage of harassing and threatening emails to them and of course they are simply retaining the ludicrous rants for use as evidence in the future.  The_Ferret may choose to post some of the "Doc's" most recent emails so that you the reader and the hundreds of lurkers can see how truly twisted the "Doc's" mind is.  And by the way, lol, have you noticed that the "Doc" has become a follower to this blog site?:

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Evidently "DocChuck", the moron extraordinaire, had neither any real idea that he had been formally disowned by his mother (although a rational human being with any degree of a functioning conscience would have suspected the same)  and completely disinherited by her legal maneuvers nor did he seem to ever imagine how Kenneth and their brother Douglas (the very meticulous executor of Nellie Treuter's estate) would welcome and happily use any threatened litigation initiated by Charles Richard Treuter to launch a counter suit against Charles and collect from him and his "wife what they had defrauded Nellie Vernon Treuter out of and then settle once and for all the score for Charles' mistreatment and maltreatment and neglect and misuse/abuse of their mother.

It will be interesting to see where everything ends up but one can certainly speculate that it won't go well for "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter, the FRAUD.

One can only wonder and speculate as to whether Charles Richard Treuter is now so financially broke (that would seem to be a quite logical conclusion) that it is in a last-ditched effort that the prodigal son somehow hopes to coerce his brothers into giving him enough to live on prior to his death which will be a very lonely one inasmuch as his son and daughter would care less about his dying, his former wives certainly couldn't give a tinker's damn to hear about his having died, and his brothers wouldn't give so much as a hoot to hear about it but would likely drink a toast to his being transferred from this life to the eternal Hell which must await him as an apostate from the faith of Christ.

Will the World Wide Web's foodsites bloggers care when Charles Richard Treuter breathes his last?  That's doubtful but they will probably have a good laugh in recalling all of his inane and insane rants, his farcical claims to wealth and academic accomplishments, his empty and childish boastings, his obvious pathological lying, and his enabling beached-whale-type "wife" who herself is nearly as much a fraud as is he.

In nine days from now, presuming Charles Richard Treuter/"DocChuck" is still amongst the walking damned, he will have his sixty-eighth birthday (born May 19, 1942) and perhaps he can have an imaginary celebration of it with all of his internet handles and all the fellow lunatics (multiple "personas") he has created within his twisted mind.  Perhaps his quite homely looking nurse wife will help the sad sociopath celebrate his birthday but there is no doubt that today, May 9, 2010, a day wherein millions of America's sons and daughters celebrate their grandmothers, mothers, and wives (who are mothers to their spouses' children) for all they mean to them on this Mother's Day, Charles Richard Treuter/"DocChuck" has nothing to celebrate and no one with whom he can celebrate the special day.  How sad and pitiful and pathetic is that?  VERY, I should think...very much so, indeed!!!